Mens 1

Coach: Raul Betcher

Mannes Bijlmakers
Mark Selbach
Christos Kollias
Reinout Verheyen
Elemer Steijger
Marko Jovanovski
Steve Bleeker
Bastiaan Peters
Joshua Bos
David Allesie
Sethi Gueye

3 thoughts on “Mens 1

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I am writing to you, because I want to play for your basketball team of the 1st devesie.
    Let me introduce myself.

    I am 21 years old (16.05.1999) and I’m a shooting guard with 184 cm height and 82-88 kg weight.
    I can sometimes play a guard and a light forward also.
    I have been playing basketball for 14 years.
    When I was 17 my team (CSKA Basketball School, Moscow) became a champion of Moscow among the players of my age.
    I’m also a winner and prize-winner of several national and international tournaments for young players teams.
    Over the years I’ve improved my basketball skills in several summer basketball camps in Russia, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania.
    After graduating basketball school I continue my basketball career in the main team of my university
    (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow). Now we play in the highest student division in Moscow.

    Besides, I was a manager of the second level team of Plekhanov University and a general manager and a coach of my faculty team.
    I also worked as an intern-coach in the Camp organized by Aleksander Sasha Gruich (the coach of Russian National Team).

    I came to the Netherlands two years ago.
    Last year I was playing for U22 Utrecht Cangaroes basketball team,
    This season I was playing for the Gaasperdam Warriors team, which plays in the 1st devesie of Heren.

    How can I join your team and participate in official tournaments?
    I’m ready to answer all your questions.

    Sincerely yours,
    Boris O. Rumiantsev

    • Dear Boris,

      I am sorry for the late response. I have been assigned to manage the website since yesterday and I see that your message was never opened.
      I do not know if you were contacted by the any board members but unfortunately all the teams are full at this moment.

      Please send an email to [email protected] if you wish to participate next year at baros basketball.

      Kind regards,

      Priscilla Kluis

  2. Goedemiddag,
    Voor het nieuwe seizoen ben ik alvast op zoek naar clubs die geïnteresseerd zijn om een oefenwedstrijd te spelen. Zouden jullie het interessant vinden om met jullie H1 tegen ons U22 team te oefenen op één van de onderstaande dagen:

    Zondag 16 augustus
    Zaterdag 22 augustus
    Zondag 23 augustus
    Zaterdag 29 augustus
    Zondag 30 augustus

    Helaas kan het niet in onze sporthal omdat de vloer in deze periode zal worden vervangen.

    Graag hoor ik of jullie eventueel interesse hebben en of het bij jullie plaats zou kunnen vinden.

    Alvast bedankt,

    Marvin Cossee
    Rotterdam Basketbal

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