Events Calendar

As Baros wants to combine topsport with fun we will organise several events. To make sure that everyone can adjust their agenda to our events, we will annouce all events on our Events Calendar:



Week 39
Saturday 29th of September
Opening Drink
?? Autumn Mixed Tournament
Week 46
Wednesday 14th of November
General Members Meeting (ALV)
Week 47 Ladies night
Week 51 Christmas party
Week 02 New Years Tournament
Week 07 Baros Birthday
Week 11
15-17th of March
International Mixed Basketball Tournament
Week 19 Social Drink
Week 25 Barosweekend
July, when the weather is nice Baros BBQ

 *dates are subject to change. In case the date changes you will be informed on time. We advice you to check the website and the events calendar regularly to avoid any misunderstanding.

And the activity committee will organise even more activities on request! So if you have any great idea or suggesties for a fun activity, you can send your ideas to [email protected]. And off course we want to see all pictures online as well. So bring your camera, take tons of pictures and please send your pictures to [email protected].