Joining Baros

Check out our practices now! (Step-by-step plan)
Step 1: Join a practice . Check out our practice schedule. You can join a free practice at Baros, but in order for you to enter the sportshall, you’ll need to purchase a ErasmusSports daypass for 6E at the desk.
Step 2: Discover and realize that EBV Baros is the club for you this season!
Step 3: Email [email protected] about the possibility to join a team. Don’t go to step 4 before you do this!!
Step 4:  Register as a competition or practice member using our online registration form

NOTICE!!!: Don’t registrate through this link BEFORE you’ve talked to someone from the board who told you to sign in.

We sometimes struggle to have a spot for every basketbal-enthusiast. So we will first have to find you a spot before you sign in.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the cost to be a EBV Baros member?
  • Is it mandatory to have a Erasmus Sports pass?
    • Yes, either with/-out fitness
  • Until when can I cancel my registration?
    • The deadline to cancel your registration is either before the 23rd of September. After this deadline, 1 week post filling in the form is the latest when you can cancel your registration.

Baros members pay a contribution fee each season. De amount of the fee depends on the team that your joining.

An indication for the contribution fees
Ladies 1, Ladies 2, Mens 1: 200 euros per season per person
Other teams: 140 euros per season per person
Keep in mind that this is an indication. The actual contribution is to be discussed at the yearly ALV.
Also: to join Baros’ practices and games, you need to have an Erasmus Sportspas. These you can get at the desk of Erasmus Sport.
Costs Erasmus Sportpas
125 euros without fitness
175 euros including fitness