Joining Baros

Come join us for a couple of practices after Eurekaweek and see whether EBV Baros can offer you what you are looking for.

The schedule for open practices will be published on our website and Facebook in July. The summer training times start on the 4th of July. From then until the middle of August, the gym will be available for 5 vs. 5 or simply shooting on:

Non-Baros members are allowed to join 3 practices free of charge before they must decide if they will join the club. Should you be interested in joining Baros, we kindly ask you to fill in the registration forms below and email them to or hand them in to one of the board members.

The yearly contribution will be set during the General Member Meeting and depends on the team you play for. To give you an indication, see the rates for 2015 – 2016 below. Please note that you also need a Erasmus Sport Card to become a Baros member. More information and prices for the sports card can be found here.

Rates 2015-2016:
€180 DS1
€165 HS1
€165 DS2
€130 HS2-5, DS3-4
€55 Practicing member
€10 Administration fee for new members


Sign up as a member:
You need to fill in both forms and send them to or hand them over to one of the board members to become a member.

Baros Registration Form 2016/2017

Baros Authorization Form Contribution 2016/2017