Baros House Rules

See this document: Baros House Rules

Since the House Rules are in Dutch, you can find a short summary below:

1. To become a member of Baros, you will need to hand in either a payment authorization form or a cash payment of your contribution. It is also possible to transfer the money to our bank account yourself. Until your membership is paid for, you will not be registered and thus will not be able to play matches or even come to practice.

2. Baros is able to keep its contribution fees as low as they are because it depends on the support and volunteerism of its members. All playing members will need to perform tasks such as acting as a referee at other games or being part of the table jury. Failing to do so will cost you a fine. Failing to pay this fine could have you excluded from a number of games.
– If for some reason or another you are unable to perform your task, it is up to you to find your own replacement. Sending emails to the board will not make a difference. If you have found a replacement, please notify the person on hall duty (zaalwacht) who will be present at the game to which you are assigned. If the person you arranged to take your place does not show, you will still be held responsible and you will be fined.

3. All basketballs will be collected and returned to the cabinet at the end of practice. Team captains are responsible for this. Nobody is allowed to take balls home.

4. Team captains are also responsible for the team uniforms. Each team has a set of uniforms that needs to kept clean and complete. Uniforms that are missing at the end of the season will have to be paid for by the respective teams responsible for them.

5. If your team plays the first game of the day/evening, you are collectively responsible for setting up the court. This includes setting up the baskets, the jury table including forms and other necessities and basketballs. If your team is the last team on a gameday/-evening, you are collectively responsible for tidying up and cleaning the court. This means putting away the baskets, basketballs, benches, chairs and tables.

6. You and your team need to present 45 minutes before your game starts. If you have a jury/referee task, you need to be present 15 minutes in advance.

7. Everyone at Baros is required to have a referee diploma. The course for the most basic diploma, the so-called F-diploma, is organized every year. If your team plays at a higher level, it is required to supply a referee with the corresponding diploma. For Rayon-level teams, this is someone with an E-diploma. For higher levels, it is a D-diploma. The best and easiest way is to recruit someone from your own team. If you are interested in a applying for such a diploma, please contact the technical commission at