Despite a whole bench of injured players and a half-done warm-up, EBV BAROS D2 started the game really strong. In the first minutes, a good combination of hard defense and offensively good ball movement was demonstrated. This resulted in a 9 – 4 score after 4 minutes of playing. The energy of BAROS D2 went down and SBU D1 took advantage of this moment. Luckily Faye Vas and Nikki van Hal stepped up their game and made themselves very useful in this first quarter by both scoring 7 points! BAROS D2 ended this quarter with a 20 – 17 lead.

Just like the first quarter, the second quarter of the game also started extremely well. Anjelica Zweden opened the score with a 3-pointer and brought some new energy into the game.  Due to foul trouble, SBU D1 got 6 free-throws in the last 2 minutes of this quarter. Fortunately for BAROS D2, SBU D1 only managed to score 50% of them, so BAROS D2 still had a 6-point lead at halftime (score: 36-30).

Annabelle Nap was an important player for BAROS D2 in the third quarter. She was sent to the line multiple times and while she didn’t make all of her free-throws, she still had her own rebound. After a time-out, SBU D1 switched their defense from man-to-man to a zone. This was no problem for BAROS D2 as they continued scoring with Emma Haagen and Jennifer Zweden who managed to draw an and-1 and a three pointer in the last minute of the third quarter.

The score at the beginning of the fourth quarter was 56-44 in BAROS D2’s favour. SBU D1’s zone became more effective which made it hard for BAROS D2 to score. SBU D1 managed to score 16 points, which lead to an equal score up until the last seconds of the game. Nikki van Hal had a powerful and crucial rebound with a good pass inside to Annabelle Nap, who was able to score and establish a 2-point lead with only 3 seconds left. SBU D1 tried to make a game winning three-pointer, but this went in-and-out at the sound of the buzzer.

The final score was 62-60 with EBV BAROS as the winning team!

Leading scorers:

Nikki van Hal (11 points), Emma Haagen (9 points), Faye Vas (9 points)

Special thanks go out to Jennifer, Anjelica and Lieve from ladies 3, who played this game with us (immediately after their own game). They really contributed in this win.